Blinn Real Estate Program grad now helping families find the perfect home


“My parents wanted to move to Bryan and we had a realtor at that time helping us,” Bonilla said. “She was very sweet, very helpful, and very resourceful. She showed us different houses, guided my parents through the whole process, got us approved for a loan, and gave my parents a lot of reassurance.”

Now Bonilla is doing the same for other local families as a realtor with Nobles Realty Group. After he and his family moved to Bryan, Bonilla graduated from Bryan High School. From there, he split his time between a full-time job at H-E-B and classes at Blinn.

“I had always wanted to do real estate since I was in high school, I just never knew where to go for my degree,” Bonilla said. “Someone told me to reach out to Blinn, and I emailed a professor.”

That professor was Real Estate Program Coordinator Dr. Justin Nobles, who guided Bonilla through the enrollment process.

“He helped me a lot,” Bonilla said. “He was just really someone who was very easy to talk to and whenever I had questions he was very hands-on. Any time I needed help, he was really just an email away.”

When Bonilla graduated last year, he crossed the stage with an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration and Management and his Real Estate Certificate. Through the 16-credit-hour Real Estate Program, Bonilla studied real estate principles, contract law, agency law, contract forms and addenda, and real estate finance.

Along the way, Bonilla continued to learn from Nobles.

“We started talking a lot and I told him my vision of what I would like to do in the next couple of years,” Bonilla said. “I told him that after I graduate and get my license, that I’d like to be a full-time realtor and really pay it forward like the realtor who helped me and my family. I just wanted to do the same for the community.”

Now a Realtor for Nobles’ real estate company, Bonilla does a bit of everything, from residential buying and selling to commercial sales and leasing.

“Unlike new agents who typically handle just one real estate transaction in their first year, Jeovany has gone above and beyond, completing multiple sales within his inaugural year,” Nobles said. “What’s more, he has dedicated a significant portion of his efforts to assisting lower-income individuals in securing housing, showcasing a commendable commitment to community service.”

Bonilla said he enjoys the variety a career in real estate brings.

“Every day is different,” Bonilla said. “I have had people come to me looking to lease and they’re already ready to move in with all their stuff in the back of their car, or first-time homebuyers who are living in a tiny apartment and they’re ready to move to a bigger home where all their kids have space and can have their own rooms. Really, just getting to help people is what drives me.”

“As Jeovany’s professor and real estate broker, I am incredibly proud of his tremendous growth and dedication to success,” Nobles said. “His journey from student to successful Realtor is a testament to his hard work, determination, and the values instilled in him. It’s a privilege to be part of his journey, witnessing his achievements and impactful contributions to the community. Jeovany exemplifies the best in our profession, and I am honored to have played a role in his development.”

Blinn’s Real Estate Program can be completed entirely online and on the Bryan Campus. Program graduates will meet the education requirements for the Real Estate Salesperson license. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, real estate brokers and sales agents earn a median salary of $56,620.

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Courtesy of Richard Bray, Director of Communications, Media Relations, and Marketing at Blinn College District