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Aggregate and curate your favorite websites by turning them into auto-updated RSS feeds. Fastest RSS finder and creator on the market

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Take control of your content using our cloud based all-in-one news feeds solution. Easily embed dynamic content on your website

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Choose from a variety of widgets to embed on your website

The easiest way to generate and consume RSS Feeds

Tools designed to simplify the creation and management of RSS feeds. For beginners and professionals


JSON can be easily parsed and integrated into a website or app

RSS to Email

Receive a daily email of the newest posts in your RSS feed


Easily extract and analyze data from multiple RSS feeds


Build applications that utilize RSS feeds programmatically

Widgets are easy to embed and can be customized to fit the look and feel of your website

Customize Widgets

Improve user experience and increase engagement with customizable RSS widgets

Create Presets

Save customized widgets as presets and quickly apply the style you wish to use

RSS Widgets

7 RSS Widgets: Wall, List, Carousel, Imageboard, Ticker, Magazine and Feed

Apply Custom CSS

Add advanced styles to the widgets by applying custom CSS styles

How are RSS Feeds used?

RSS feeds are a convenient way to stay up to date with the latest news and content from your favorite websites. Here are some common use cases for RSS feeds

News Aggregation

One of the most popular uses of RSS feeds is to aggregate news from multiple sources into a single feed

Personalized Content

Many websites offer RSS feeds for specific topics or categories to help you get relevant and up-to-date content

Research and Monitoring

By subscribing to RSS feeds from industry blogs, news sources and social media, you can follow the latest trends in your field

Podcasts and Video

RSS feeds can also be used to subscribe to podcasts and video feeds. And also use for your channel or podcast

Content Marketing

For their blog or website, they can make it easy for readers to subscribe to updates and receive new content after publication

Competitive Intelligence

Businesses can use RSS feeds to monitor their competitors’ websites and social media profiles for updates and news

Customer Service

Businesses use RSS feeds to monitor social media channels and customer review websites for mentions of their brand

Internal Communications

Share internal company news and updates with your team and coworkers


Notify customers of new products or promotions with RSS feeds

RSS Feed Integrations

Make your RSS feed work better by integrating with your favorite platforms. Save time by connecting your tools together. No coding required

News Feeds For Your Website

Add dynamic news feeds to your website using our customizeable widgets. No coding required!

Website Integrations

Top RSS Sources

Get the latest news and updates from top sources with RSS feeds. Stay informed on world events, technology, business, and more

Web to RSS

Web to RSS keeps you updated on the latest news and updates from websites that don’t offer RSS feeds

Google News

Google News provides RSS feeds for a variety of categories such as world news, business, technology, and more


Offers a Twitter RSS feed generator that allows you to create feeds for individual users or specific keywords


YouTube provides RSS feeds for channels, allowing users to receive updates on new video uploads


Provides a TikTok RSS feed generator that allows you to create feeds for a specific TikTok user or search term

Topics and Keywords

Create your own RSS feeds based on keywords or topics and receive updates every time new content is published

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